So basically, I'm an artist by no surprise. I come from generations of storytellers and have always been extremely fascinated with black art (visual, theater, film/TV, music, dance, etc.) no matter the design. Bridging the gap and continuing my elders legacy is kind of my thing, but all in all, a true honor. 

As I continue to grow (because I believe I am just beginning the real process), I’m finding that my passion lies in telling uplifting stories. I want to produce more true and positive images of my people through the craft of poetic freedom. Within this discovery, I birthed Give Me A Minute Medium, a community-based platform designed for black artists to come together, express and unfold our truths as one. Initially, this was strictly a practice space for me to create dope content with other dope individuals, but as it blossoms, I have a feeling that it is about to become something bigger than me and anything I’ve ever imagined sharing with others. My goal is to generate more safe spaces for us because there will never be enough. I have SO much work to do, but as I dive deeper, I’m falling more and more in love with my process. I pray that I can be a light to someone else who has a dream to begin. We are our ancestor’s wildest dreams and our time to shine is now. More than ever.